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“Enter a Learner…”

Tomorrow LAS class of 2020 will hit the buses to head to Detroit for a service learning trip. We will have the opportunity to facilitate activities for younger leaders, volunteer for different businesses in the Detroit area, and get to explore the city of Detroit.

Compared to my classmates I truly feel like I do not know much about Detroit at all. I have been downtown for a Tigers game and maybe a few concerts here and there but other than that I’ve never seen much and do not know a lot about the city. From what I’ve heard stereo-typically, Detroit is scary and dangerous. Whenever I’ve gone to Detroit my friends and family have always said “we don’t want to get lost in Detroit” in a bad manner as if that would be dangerous. From what I’ve learned in the past few days just from hearing about the things that have been discussed in our Leadership class and within my cohort, people love Detroit. There are so many amazing and beautiful places to visit and honestly I’m so conflicted. How could we go somewhere where people are so scared yet also so amazed by its beauty? I have heard about the social issues of poverty, violence, and racism in Detroit being at all time highs and to be blatantly honest I’m so curious to see what this is all about. I don’t know much about these issues in Detroit specifically but from all of the buzz I can only imagine that it has to be more extreme than what I’ve personally seen before.


Within the Leadership Institute here at CMU, there is one main purpose and vision for the students, staff, and community that is affected by us:

“PURPOSE: Central Michigan University is committed to preparing Michigan’s students and citizens for leadership roles in an increasingly complex and challenging society.”

“VISION: The Leadership Institute prepares the next generation of individuals who will act responsibly to improve the quality of life, state of the economy, and communities in which they live and work.”

Our trip to Detroit is a great example of how the Leadership Institute includes the purpose and vision of the LI in the daily lives of its students. Going to Detroit and experiencing all of these new businesses and communities that many have us did not really know existed will open our eyes and prepare us for the real world. Already I am realizing that things aren’t the same everywhere; in fact they are very different. I personally have never experienced or seen a prime example of racism or poverty and I am hoping this service trip will open my eyes too all of the things that this complex and challenging society that we live in has to offer to emerging leaders like my classmates and myself. Being in Detroit will also allow us to leave our own personal impact on Detroit. We will not be able to save Detroit in 30 hours; this we are aware, but being able to go and leave a mark and realize that even though we aren’t changing the world we are making a difference which is just as important is a very important thing for us to see and learn. Realizing that if we all work to make the small changes in our own community and lives around us, big things happen. I think that this trip works to make an impact on our lives as leaders just as much as the lives that we are impacting while on this trip.

Overall I think that this trip is going to be one of the most impactful things on myself that I have ever done. I think that going to Detroit will open my eyes to so many things in our world that I didn’t realize truly existed in the daily lives of Americans. I think that this trip will help me realize how much still needs to be done in this world and in our own communities in general. I think that this trip will make me realize that each of our small contributions truly make a difference. The motivation that I get from this trip will be outstanding. I think that the skills and knowledge that I gain from this trip will be one of a kind and something that I will use for the rest of my life.


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How Great Leaders Inspire Action

My recommendation before reading this blog is to watch the video that I have posted above. While I plan to give you my perspective on this video I think that what everyone takes away from this is different and the same all at one time therefore it is important to watch and see what different things you take away from this TED Talk.

The first thing that I took away from this video was the discussion on why we follow the people we follow. Why are certain people leaders? While I’m sure that there is more to it than just this, Sinek discusses that we follow who we follow because we know why they are doing something. We agree with their reasoning or relate to their situation. We did not follow Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. because he told us he had a dream, we followed him because he told us why he had this dream. In the same situation, we do not buy a dell mp3 player but we buy Dell computers because Dell has constantly advertised their computers and why we should buy their computers. Ultimately, it is not what you’re doing that matters, it is why you do it.

While watching this Ted Talk it reminded me of my previous post discussing whether leadership starts with a yes or a no; it doesn’t matter if you pick yes or no it matters why you pick yes or no.

In our Leadership 200 class, we partnered up and talked about our own whys. Why are we passionate about the things that we do and what drives us to get out of bed in the morning. My partner was one of my best friends, Lucas. Lucas is a goofy kid and honestly I didn’t know how well this was going to go. Turns out Lucas knows a lot about me that I didn’t even realize about myself. Lucas told me that from what I said, I ultimately do everything to make others happy. I just want to see other people smile. I found that literally every thing I do I do because it means that someone else will have fun or be happy because of it which ultimately makes me happy. I find the most joy in seeing others smile.

I then listened to Lucas talk about his passions and what he cares about and it was so crazy to me to realize that when you look at it from the “why” perspective, literally EVERYTHING we do pretty much ties back to that one reason. For me it is to make people happy, for Lucas it was to be an escape for people and make them realize everything is going to be okay no matter what. From here, we discovered our “why” statements.

My “why” statement is to inspire others to find the beauty in everything and seek the things that make them happy. This is why I do what I do. This is my goal as a leader. From now on, when I take on any new endeavor or even get frustrated with something I am already doing, I will come back to this why statement. I will remember why I am here and what my goal is. My goal is to make people happy from there I can evaluate to see if I am reaching this goal and what I need to achieve it.


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Leadership is a Personal Definition

The question “does leadership start with a ‘yes’ or a ‘no'” is something that confuses me. What in the heck does that even mean? Well after about 30 minutes of pondering this I decided to just make of it whatever I felt made sense and then I realized that this was my answer to my question..

Leadership starts with a yes. Leadership starts with someone just deciding that they are going to do something. The first step to leadership and making a difference is to decide to do something; to say “yes”.

Saying that leadership starts with a “no” is not wrong. I don’t think this question really has a wrong answer I think it’s based solely on your perspective and personality. Those who say that leadership starts with a “no” are probably those driven by being told no. They are driven by being told that they cannot do something. That ultimately is not me and that is why FOR ME, leadership starts with yes. FOR ME leadership starts with positivity and encouragement. For me, others shooting positivity my way is the best way for leadership to shine. The word no shuts me down, but the word no motivates others and I think that this is such an important thing to remember when working with others.

Essentially I just think that this question is a personal question. I think that the answer truly should be different for everyone because not everyone is motivated and inspired by the same things. For me, leadership begins with “yes”.

Leadership is about the decisions you make, and the actions that you take each day. The world is waiting. Leadership is a choice-and it starts with you.” -Alyse Nelson

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Oprah Winfrey; A Leader of Today


When thinking about the leaders of today the first thing that came to my mind was…well…Donald Trump. This made me actually worry for our country for a moment. Then, I really thought about it. Who is someone that we all know and why do we know them? I came up with people like Barack Obama, Michelle Obama, Bill Gates, and even Miley Cyrus. While I truly believe that all of these people are leaders in their own way, I then thought of Oprah Winfrey. I’m not sure why Oprah popped into my head but I’m glad that she did. We all know Oprah. You don’t even have to know her last name and you know who we’re talking about. When I was six years old watching Drake and Josh on Nickelodeon, I knew who Oprah was. I was then hit with the big question: why is she a leader?

To be honest, I did not know how to answer that question. I thought “well she’s inspiring, the richest African American in the world, and I always hear about her giving to charity”. Cool. Then I realized that a lot of people do things of that nature. What makes Oprah so special? So, I did some research. I learned that Oprah grew up in poverty to a single teen mom. I learned that Oprah was molested at a young age and became pregnant due to this at age 14. I learned that Oprah Winfrey’s son then passed away during infancy. Let’s stop there; at age 14, Oprah Winfrey had gone through more tragedy in her life than most people ever do. I’m not saying that makes you a leader by any means but I think that if you look simply from where she was then to where she is now, she had to do something pretty terrific to come back from that.

“Be thankful for what you have; you’ll end up having more. If you concentrate on what you don’t have, you will never, ever have enough.” -Oprah Winfrey

So let me tell you about all of the things that she did in the middle that make her a leader. Oprah decided to move in with the man that she calls her father in Chicago after losing her son. By age 19, Oprah had landed a job at a radio station co-anchoring the local evening news. From there, her career prospered due to her childhood story and she became the talk-show host at a local talk-show in Chicago. After becoming a third-ranked local talk-show host, Oprah decided to launch her own production company and begin her most famous talk-show, the Oprah Show.

“What I know for sure is that what you give comes back to you” -Oprah Winfrey

What makes Oprah special to me is that she did not stop there. Oprah continued to work hard and help others as much as she could. She didn’t say “I made it, I’m done”. Oprah now is also a producer, actress, and philanthropist. Oprah Winfrey has made her way into everyone’s lives. Oprah Winfrey is such an influential person that she brought almost one million votes to Barack Obama’s campaign in 2008 solely for giving him her vote. Oprah Winfrey is the face of Women and African American rights.

One thing that Oprah Winfrey did that inspires me the most was the Oprah Angel Network Katrina registry. This was a network that Oprah created following Hurricane Katrina which raised more than $11 million dollars for relief efforts. On top of this, Oprah personally gave the cause $10 million dollars.

Let’s flash back to where she was in the beginning; poverty. Oprah rose herself up. This is what makes her a leader to me. I and so many others are inspired by Oprah Winfrey because she was not given some kind of miracle. Oprah wasn’t just picked up by some famous celebrity. Oprah saw the things that she wanted to do and give to this world and she found a way to make it happen. The fact that she once had nothing and still shot for dreams of where she is solely to help people who need it. Solely to make her mark on this world. I am inspired by this because that is all that I want out of the life I am living.

I might not be shooting for dreams of being the richest women in the world or starring on Drake and Josh, but I want to change something. I want to leave this world better than how I found it and if Oprah can live the life and make the impact that she has from what she has been given, so can I.

“The essential question is not, “How busy are you?’ but ‘What are you busy at?’ ‘Are you doing what fulfills you?” -Oprah Winfrey






58 Things I Learned My First Semester of College

  1. It is okay not to be okay.
  2. Mom was right.
  3. People come and go and that is okay.
  4. Just do the best with what you are given.
  5. Whatever it is, if it scares you, do it.
  6. You don’t have to have everything all figured out.
  7. One piece of pizza will not make you fat.
  8. You will not be the best at everything.
  9. Question everything.
  10. Do not change direction just because you are afraid of what lies ahead.
  11. Change is scary.
  12. Change is good.
  13. Don’t forget where you came from.
  14. It’s okay to admit you have no idea what you are doing — nobody else usually does either.
  15. Be where you are.
  16. Reminisce on the past but do not get caught up in it.
  17. Better things are coming!
  18. High school was fun but college is more fun.
  19. Challenge yourself.
  20. Learn something new from everyone you meet.
  21. You will find your people and when you do, you will know.
  22. Hold onto your people
  23. If there is something that you wish to find in this world, be it.
  24. You will lose yourself. This is scary as Hell.
  25. You will eventually find yourself and you will be a better you. I promise.
  26. Learn to laugh at yourself.
  27. It’s okay to skip your 8A.M. once.. or twice…. or three times
  28. Find time for you.
  29. Take care of yourself physically and mentally.
  30. Do not chase anyone.
  31. You deserve more than you probably realize.
  32. Just don’t with the fried food.
  33. You will make mistakes. Remember that in a year you will probably think its funny.
  34. You’re young, act like it.
  35. Wayside will be there next Tuesday, do your homework.
  36. It is okay to be irresponsible sometimes.
  37. Clothes aren’t dirty until they are stained or smell bad.
  38. You will learn to like coffee. You will. I promise.
  39. People change, for better or for worse, but you cannot be the one to change them.
  40. Listening is so much more beneficial than talking.
  41. I swear, the devil on one shoulder and the angel on the other telling you what to do is not fake. That is real. Do your best with this. I haven’t figured it out yet.
  42. You will lose contact with some of your friends at home
  43. Sometimes you have to take the L and you have to accept it.
  44. If something is broken, fix it.
  45. Be there for the people that need you.
  46. You will meet amazing people. Keep them close to you.
  47. Nothing is going to change if you keep doing the same old things.
  48. Let go of the things that hurt you.
  49. Find what you are passionate and run with it.
  50. Go wherever the wind takes you. There is no right or wrong path in life.
  51. One person or thing does not make you who you are. You are you and nobody can take that away.
  52. If your friends are all going to the casino on a Monday night, it’s probably not wise to go with an exam the next day. It’s okay to do unwise things.
  53. Always remember that you are never going to be younger than you are right now. Use that to your advantage.
  54. Getting old only gets scarier.
  55. Crying and sleeping anywhere on campus is easily justified and nobody will judge you.
  56. Love everyone.
  57. Relax.
  58. We’re all a mess. It’s fine. Everything is fine.IMG_0335.JPG
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A New Kind of Debate

When I heard that I was required to take a debate course for my LAS protocol I immediately got scared. I don’t do conflict. When I think of debate I think of people stuck in their ways trying to convince each other to believe them but having no intentions of really listening to the other side. I was surprised when I walked into this class and on the very first day, Dr. Professor Cory Hillman elaborated that this class would consist of debate through reasoning and knowledge. I really enjoyed this class because it forced us all to think of things from both perspectives. In our debates we had to actually refute what the other person was saying. It was less argumentation and more discussion. I think that what I’ve taken out of this class mostly is to be open minded and see things from all points of view. I’ve learned to realize that there is not always a right way and sometimes there are equal pros and cons to both sides of an argument. Being forced out of my comf0rt zone to argue for things that I don’t necessarily agree with forced me to have to see the other side of an argument and realize that there are pros to everything even if I still don’t agree with it. Overall, I’ve learned being able to accept everyone’s opinion and views is a very very important part of being an effective leader.


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Start With Why

In our LDR100 class, we were split into groups of about eight people and given a book to read and relate to our leadership experiences. We were then asked to do a presentation for our class to teach them what our book was about and demonstrate the things that we learned. Our book was about starting with a purpose and not just the product. We discussed starting with WHY you are doing something rather than what you are doing. To demonstrate this, we took videos of our friends and family discussing who their role models were and why. This taught that you pick your friends and family for who they are rather than what they do. You start with why they are your model.

“If we all take some responsibility to start with WHY and inspire others to do the same, then, together, we can change the world”. -Simon Sinek

In the book, Simon Sinek discussed the importance of the golden circle. The golden circle is a demonstration of how you should make decisions in order to be an effective leader. You start from the inside and move out. So, you start with why you want to do something. You move to how you’re going to do something, and then you figure out exactly what you are going to do. This is proven to be how successful businesses like Apple run their business. By using the idea of starting with why when working in groups, you will be a more effective leader in whatever it is you’re doing.


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Mentor/Mentee Retreat

As a freshman in college, there are many things to look forward to in the first weeks of school. As a Leadership Advancement Scholar, there are even more things to look forward to in your first few weeks of school and there is one thing that us Freshman talk about for weeks… Mentor/Mentee Retreat.

One of the really special things about LAS is the Mentor/Mentee pairings that you receive throughout your college career. When you get accepted into LAS as a senior in high school, there is a process set up so that every incoming freshman receives a mentor throughout your college career. As a sophomore, you will receive your own mentee to help guide through their years here at CMU. This is one of the most fun parts of LAS.

Within the first few weeks of being at CMU, the freshman and sophomore mentor/mentee pairs go on a retreat weekend to Eagle Village to get to know their mentor/mentee and learn how to work with and support each other. This experience is something that I know I will never forget and I’m so excited to take my mentee to next year.

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My mentor is Morgan Clark. Morgan and I are a special duo because we are pretty much a hot mess all of the time. I actually had the opportunity to hangout and get to know Morgan before the retreat which made my experience so much more fun because I was already comfortable with and loved Morgan. We discovered before retreat that we have awful luck and are both physically incapable of doing anything remotely athletic so we knew that retreat would be a struggle. The best part is that we were excited to do it anyways.

If there is one thing that I’ve learned from Morgan at retreat and simply from having her in my life it is to push yourself. Like I said before, Morgan and I knew that we would struggle on most activities at retreat. I mean if it puts it in perspective for you, Morgan and I each counted 30+ bruises and scratches on our bodies after that weekend. But our motto was that if we were going to do bad, we might as well try our hardest. So yes, if there was a way to make any activity more difficult for us, we shrugged our sholders and and said “why not” even though there are a thousand reasons that two unathletic girls should not try to be athletic.

One way that Morgan and I pushed ourselves was rock climbing. I have not been rock climbing since age 6 and at gymnastics class.. I knew that this would not be easy. But we decided to do it anyways. And to make things better, we chose to tie ourselves together while climbing. If we’re going to go down hard, why not go down trying our hardest, am I right? The best part about this was that we actually didn’t fail. Morgan and I made it all the way to the top of the wall tied together. While it wasn’t easy and there were multiple times that the words “Morgan I literally can’t do it” came out of my mouth, Morgan continued to encourage me and help me figure out a way I could do it.

img_0030The next thing that we did that I’m still not quite sure how was “the wall”. The wall was an activity that we did with other mentor/mentee pairs where we have to get everyone over a giant wall using just our teammates. This may sound easy but let me tell ya…. no. While at this point Morgan and I had already said we don’t care what it is that we’re faced with this weekend, we’re trying everything, I really really did not think this one was going to happen. And to my surprise with these doubtful thoughts rolling through my head, Morgan volunteers to go first. This is a shining of example of where Morgan has taught me to step out of my comfort zone. Morgan knew how difficult this activity was in general but then she stepped out of her comfort zone and pushed herself to go first.

So if you ask me about my absolute most memorable moment from mentor mentee retreat, it would be the high ropes course. Morgan and I were both to say, at the least, scared as Hell. We tried to make jokes about it and laugh it out but lets be honest, nobody enjoys dangling in the air on cords trying to walk across thin ropes. So what did Morgan and I do? Well… we said we are already freaking out so why not just go all out and blindfold ourselves in the air too. Everyone told us how ridiculous we looked and how loud our screams were when we would fall because we could not see anything. We were also told good job for pushing ourselves to do things that we aren’t comfortable doing. I am extremely confident in saying that I would never have done that without Morgan and I’m so happy that we did. While there were times when being able to see would have helped us a lot, completing an obstacle successfully without seeing, I felt so accomplished doing something I never would have thought I could.


One thing that Morgan and I tried that we didn’t necessarily excel in but I give us points for trying was the ladder in the high ropes course. The ladder was just a bunch of 4 by 4 pieces of wood hanging from cables in a ladder that dangled and swung from the ceiling. perfect-picWe saw it and, again, shrugged our shoulders and thought “why not”. There were 8 bars on this ladder from floor to ceiling. We made it to the fourth and while it was physically draining, our goal when starting was just to make it to the third bar. We really did almost give up. I mean really we sat on the third bar for twenty minutes contemplating attempting the next level. We then spent 30 minutes trying to get to the fourth. Then, when we decided that we had already exceeded our goals and wanted to go down, Morgan fell on the wrong side of the ladder and there was no way for us to get down except do it all over again so that her cord was on the right side of the ladder to be able to get down. Literally writing this blog right now I am laughing because we were so amused by the fact that we had to do it all over again that we just laughed for 10 minutes. We barely made it to the 4th level the first time.. how were we going to do it again.. Honestly this was a disaster and took way longer than it should have, but we did it. This taught me that when things go wrong, you laugh about it, and you pick yourself up and keep going. Although I think this ladder was where all 30+ bruises of ours came from and we were sore for the week following, this was the most fun part of mentor/mentee retreat.

I can honestly say that this was a weekend that I will never forget and I think that without this to start off my freshman year, I would not have had the same experience this first semester. I would not have pushed myself socially, academically, and physically in the ways that I have had I not learned from Morgan during the mentor/mentee retreat that I can literally do anything if I try.

“You miss 100% of the shots you don’t take” -Wayne Gretzky


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Making a Connection

As a Freshman in LAS, we are taken to Central Michigan Universities Leadership Institute Connections Conference. The Connections Conference is held at Great Wolf Lodge in Traverse City (yes, we did get to play in the water park).

Going into Connections I really and truly had no idea what to expect. I was thinking something along the lines of a High School Leadership Conference; we all get lanyards and get in groups of people we don’t know, it’s awkward for a minute but then we all get really comfortable doing different leadership activities together. While it was kind of like this, it was not exactly.

When we first got to Connections we all went to our rooms to settle in for a minute, and then we went to this big ballroom where we had an introduction from the Leadership Institute. After the introduction we split into groups based on the ballroom written on our name tags (this I predicted). In the session we discussed some things dealing with leadership on campus and connecting with new people. After this meeting we went back and had dinner at tables based on a different sticker on our name tag (I was still right about the name tag thing I’d like to remind you). At dinner we had conversation cards that we used to get to know the other people at our table. It was really nice to get to know new people on campus and the different things that they’re interested in. After dinner it was water park time.. My mentor, Morgan was unable to go her freshman year, so she came this year with my cohort. Morgan and I spent most of our time obsessing over all of the babies in the water park and walking back and forth from the water slides and the hot tub. We left the water park to get ice cream and shower before we had to be back at the ballroom for a pizza speed dating. Here we just ate pizza and walked around and talked to people that we didn’t know trying to make connections with each other whether it be about leadership or our personal interests. I really liked this because it pushed me out of my comfort zone to meet new people and learn about their interests and passions on campus. After pizza and speed dating, it was time for bed.


On the second day we woke up and had breakfast and then began our speaking sessions. This was the part that I had never experienced before and I really enjoyed. At every other conference I’d been to, everyone had the same speakers and whoever the conference had was what you got. At connections, there were about 5 different speakers for each of the four sessions. You were allowed to choose whichever speaker you wanted to listen to based on your interests and what you though would be most beneficial for you. After the session was up, five entirely new speakers would arrive and you would pick out of those five who you wanted to see. I really liked this because you were able to pick the speaker that interested you and benefited you the most. A lot of topics I’ve listened to people speak on a million times so it was nice to have options of things I might not have heard about yet. After lunch and those four sessions were over we met back with our original groups to discuss some more things about leadership on campus and how we can apply the things that we’d learned to our roles on campus and in our leadership positions.

Ultimately what I took away from from the Connections Conference is how making connections with people is the best way to learn about and accept the things that we do not understand in our lives. Everyday we see things and lets be honest you wonder what the point of something is or who would ever want to do or have that. Why would anyone ever want to join a squirrel watching club? Who would ever actually want to do that? Good question….. Here’s what I learned: ask. Ask why people are interested in what they are, why they do what they do; you’ll be surprised how much sense that makes and what you may be interested in as well. Try to make connections with the people you think you have no connections with because you will be so surprised.



My Person

For anyone who doesn’t already know, “my person” is a term from Grey’s Anatomy to describe the bond between two people that literally nothing could break. Everyone has a person. Whether or not you’ve found them yet, there is someone out there who (I’m sorry, but….) you are inevitably stuck with. You cannot get rid of them. They are a part of you. Your person is much more than the friend you occasionally keep in touch with or the person that you reach out to when you need something. She is more than your friend, or even your best friend, she is more like your sister. You may not have known her the longest but you certainly know her the best. Ultimately you would go completely insane without her.

Dear “my person”,

Thank you. I do not say it enough, but thank you. Thank you for making me laugh at things I don’t even think are funny simply because you’re the one who showed it to me and somehow that makes it funnier (I wish I could explain this, but if you have a person, you know what I’m talking about). Thank you for making me food whenever I’m hungry because God knows I would be living off of easy mac and apples if it weren’t for you at this point. Thank you watching endless hours of Grey’s Anatomy with me when we both have better things to be doing. Thank you for being my personal eyebrow pluck-er, nail do-er, and hair/clothing stylist. Thank you for being there through it all — the good, the bad, and the really ugly. When I was going through some of my worst days you were there. You didn’t even really have to say anything. I wasn’t looking for some incredible pep talk or some life changing advice; simply having you by my side was enough to lift me up when I was at my weakest was all I needed. Thank you for staying my best friend even after seeing how weird I am… and you are welcome for staying your friend after seeing how much even more weird you are. Thank you for staying by my side when everyone else was leaving. Thank you for telling me what I needed to hear even when it wasn’t what I wanted to hear. Thank you for never judging me. Thank you for teaching me that imperfections make us perfect. Thank you for showing me the kind of person I want to be. Thank you for being my best friend, my sister, my other half, my person.


Now with the sappy stuff aside, I just want to remind you: You are stuck with me. One of the biggest struggles I’ve learned since you walked into my life is that ultimately doing anything without you-for a lack of better words-sucks. No matter what it is, you are always down to do the craziest things with me that nobody else would ever dare. You are my fun friend, my secret keeper, and my partner in crime. If I could predict anything about my future I would put money on you and I ending up in a nursing home laughing about the crazy things that we have done while drinking wine and making other people question any sanity that we actually have left.

“Dr. Yang and my wife sometimes have sleepovers. In my bed. With me in it.”

In the end, Allie, I could never put into words how much you mean to me. No phrase from a mainstream ABC series could explain the relationship we have and that is what makes it so genuine and innocent. Thank you for being the Christina to my Meredith. Thank you, thank you, thank you for being my person.

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