If there is one thing that all Leadership Advancement Scholars like to do, it is this: get involved. As a freshman at CMU it is almost overwhelmingly easy to get involved. By overwhelming, I mean you literally do not know how to choose between which things you want to do. My first semester I really had no idea. There are so many things that I am interested in and enjoy that I could not feasibly do them all. So, I have slowly added things that I am really interested in over time here at CMU.


My first involvement when starting my college career was the Leadership Institute. As a Leadership Advancement Scholar, you come into school already having a place and role in the Leadership Institute. After that I tried my hand at a few RSO’s. One RSO that I enjoyed right away was Connections that Count. Connections is an RSO that works with students with special needs around the area. Twice a week the students come to CMU and we have dinner and do something fun with them like bowling, gym games, karaoke, etc. I also am employed in the Admissions Office as a Student Telecounselor. I recently became a member of Kappa Delta Pi which is a national honors society for teachers. I also just became an Education and Human Services Campus Ambassador here at CMU. One thing that I have had a lot of fun with is Polar Plunge. I am on the student committee for Polar Plunge here at CMU and also a participant in the Plunge! This fall I was also a part of the Special Olympics Lead Team through the Leadership Institute where we hosted the Leadership Launch. This was a Leadership Conference for high school students with and without special needs. I worked as a group facilitator where I lead the students from activity to activity and spent the day helping them learn more about leadership. Another thing that I am very involved with here at CMU is intramural sports. I am passionate about health and fitness and enjoy being able to have that “team” feeling that I miss so much from high school sports!


Overall, the experiences and skills that I have gained since moving to Mount Pleasant has been indescribable and priceless. I still find myself wanting to join almost every club that I possibly can and I hope to continue to add more and more things to my list of involvements here at CMU!