Here at Central Michigan University, I am majoring in recreation and event management while also earning minors in child development and leadership. The decision to minor in child development and leadership was never of question to me. I was told that I needed to pick a minor, and I love kids so why not? And then, by completing the Leader Advancement Scholarship protocol I automatically earn a minor in leadership (A LEADERSHIP MINOR IS SO COOL EVERYONE SHOULD MINOR IN LEADERSHIP IT IS FUN AND LIFE CHANGING. OKAY, RANT OVER THAT IS ALL). The decision to major in recreation and event management however was a process. Since I was a freshman in high school, I have wanted to pursue a career in special education because I have always had a natural draw to and passion for those with disabilities. Fast forward 5 years and I learned that that didn’t mean I had a passion for teaching. When I realized this I struggled to give up special education because I didn’t want to give up the opportunity to work with kids with disabilities. This was until I found out that I could literally combine my love for event planning and recreation and fun with my love for kids with disabilities. They want to have fun too, so why can’t I be the one to provide them with that?! Well yeah, turns out I can. So, with my major in recreation and event management, I still plan to work with children with disabilities but rather in a more recreational and fun setting. I am so lucky to have found the opportunity to earn a degree in this field and have loved every second learning more about this career!

Before attending Central Michigan, I graduated from Harper Creek High School in Battle Creek Michigan. While in high school I also attended the Calhoun Area Career Center to begin studying education a little early, while also dual enrolling at Kellogg Community College.

Deciding to come to CMU was not hard but also not easy for me. Ultimately, there was no school I was in love with. Every school looked the same with the exception of the colors on the walls; all of the schools had programs for Special Education and I knew I would have the tools to succeed at them all. What made me choose Central Michigan University was the people and the atmosphere. I fell in love with the way that everyone greets you with a handshake and a smile, the way that anyone is willing to lend a helping hand, and essentially everyone takes care of each other. I chose Central Michigan University because I knew this is where I would be pushed to be the best person that I could be which is ultimately the most valuable education anyone can get.