Sharing Passions

When I was a little girl, I remember always wanting to be like the older girls. They were pretty and cool and did such fun things. Fast forward what seems like a few months and I am on of the ‘big girls’ that the younger girls wish that they were. Having been the little girl, I know how much they watch your every move and want to be just like you. Because of this, it’s important to set a good example and be the kind of role model that you needed when you were young.


I am so lucky to be able to make my mark on little girls like I once was through volunteering, specifically with sports programs in my hometown. One of the things that I look forward to the most in the summer is being able to share my knowledge and passion when it comes to the sports of soccer and volleyball with younger children. I spend summers volunteering at camps and through coaching children in these sports.

As I said, my favorite part about growing up in sports was the opportunities to play with the big kids. Being able to be that person to these kids is SO COOL. Not only does it allow them to have a positive experience and enjoy sports, but I hope that they carry on this desire to give back to younger generations like I did for them.

I also love volunteering with volleyball and soccer because it allows me to share my passion and knowledge with children who are beginning to have similar passions as me. By spending time with these kids and working on their skills in a safe and positive environment, I hope that they are increasing their passion and desire to learn and get better at their sport.

Volunteering with children in this environment is so important to me as I am so passionate about learning and growth, and I think that this happens outside of the classroom even more than it does in. I hope to continue volunteering my time sharing passions with children and give back positive experiences like a ‘big kid’ once did for me.


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