Dear Hannah,

Holy smokes my darling you are going to be a mentor! Which means I’m getting old and all too irrelevant for the exciting mentor-mentee fun soon. But wowza how lucky have I been to get you!

I can honestly say that being a mentor to you has been one of the most challenging things that I have had the opportunity to take on. I mean this in a good way, Hannah because I still am challenged in finding ways to challenge you. You have your shit together which made my job super easy but also so hard. I mean how am I supposed to mentor someone who doesn’t need any mentoring? And how am I supposed to challenge you to be the best you when you’re already doing that yourself?

This is when I realized that the best thing I could be to you was a friend. You didn’t need me to show you how to get to class or what the best cab to call home from Wayside was and at first that threw me off. You were more adapt to college life than I was at this point. I was so thrown off by this, but I am so lucky to have learned everything that I have from having you, Hannah.

By being your mentor, I have learned selflessness and genuine care. I know I joke around about being your ‘mom’ all of the time, but when you tell me about a story where you were in any kind of sticky situation or call me at midnight during finals week while I am at the library because you need a ride, I literally jump out of my seat and have a little panic attack. I genuinely cared about your safety more than I did about anything going on in my own life and I don’t think that I have ever been so concerned for someone else in my whole life, even though I was clearly overreacting. By being your mentor, I learned what it’s like to really look out for someone and truly want the best for them regardless of what that means as far as my own social life/sleep schedule.


Sometimes, I feel like you’re the mentor, actually. I remember when I was a freshman and people would talk about their mentors not reaching out to them or not hanging out with them and I felt so bad for them, and I’m sorry if you have ever felt like that (especially with me skipping out of the country for a little while on ya). BUT Hannah, thank you so much for making this a two way friendship/mentor-mentee-ship. The idea that mentors should do all of the reaching out and all of the planning is fun and cute but truly unrealistic and quite frankly uncomfortable. There were so many times in the past semester that I would notice you reaching out to me to make plans and I appreciate and admire this so much because I know that it can be awkward and even intimidating at the beginning. You made me feel like you wanted to have a relationship with me as much as I wanted to have a relationship with you which for me was my biggest fear in being a mentor. This is again where I have a hard time challenging you because you are constantly challenging me.

By being your friend though, Hannah, I learned so much more. Once the whole “mentor-mentee” hype faded out, I realized how much I just adored the hell out of you. I still cared about you more than my own life, but I started learning different things from you. One thing I’ve been hoping rubs off on me since day one is your perfect balance. Hannah Potter everyone, is super woman. I mean how the hell is she managing being a D1 athlete, an outstanding student, and somehow still having a way better social life than 90% of the rest of us?? I mean I swear you guys, Hannah has more hours in the day than the rest of us or something. Like I said, this hasn’t really rubbed off on me yet but I admire this to no end and hope that some day it does.

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Hannah, I have learned from you how to be genuine and how to care whole-heartedly. By watching you create relationships and friendships, I have seen how much people are drawn to you because you make people feel special. Every conversation you have is intentional and this is what makes you so special.

I have learned from you how to be reckless. You, Hannah, are wild and I love it. Never stop loving life and living it to it’s fullest. Never stop finding joy and fun in everything you do and never ever stop doing what makes you happiest.

Hannah, I am so lucky to be your mentor but even more so I am so lucky to have you as a friend. I cannot believe it has been almost a whole year since I watched you play lacrosse for the first time and you are going to be meeting your mentee soon! I’m so excited to see you learn and grow from being a mentor as much as I did with you. Please remember that I am always your momma even when you have a mentee of your own to chase around; I’m always a phone call away if you need a Bad Moms movie night, a ride home from the bar, or a listening ear. I love you endlessly Hannah and I’m so excited to see you and the newest addition to our family very soon!



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